January 20, 2007

BioConversion Stakeholders’ Gallery

This is a listing of speakers at the Southern California Emerging Waste Technologies Forum held at UCLA on July 27, 2006. Almost all are in favor of RENEW L.A. and advancing R&D and deployment of CTs in California. More biographical details are available by clicking on their links.

Richard Alarcon - CA State Senator

Cynthia Babich – Del Amo Action Committee
Nicole Bernson - City of Los Angeles Councilman Smith, Sr. Policy Advisor, RENEW L.A.
Fernando Berton - California Integrated Waste Management Board
Susan Brown - California Energy Commission
Julie Butcher – General Manager, SEIU Local 347

Karen Coca - L.A. City Bureau of Sanitation

Vijay Dhir - UCLA  School of Engineering Dean

Evan Edgar – California Refuse Removal Council

Brendan Huffman – Valley Industry and Commerce Association

Dan Jacobson – Environment California

James Liao - UCLA Vice Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular

Ellen Mackey – East Valley Coalition
Vasilios Manousiouthakis - UCLA Chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Dr. Kay Martin – BioEnergy Producers’ Association
Rhonda Mills – Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies
Cindy Montanez - CA Assembly Member
Mark Murray – Californians Against Waste

Randall Neudeck - Board of Directors, Valley Industry and Commerce

Romel Pascual - L.A. Mayor's Office, Associate Director for Environment
Cheryl Peace - Board Member, California Integrated Waste Management Board
Roberto Peccei - UCLA Vice Chancellor for Research

David Roberti - CA State Senator (Ret.), BioEnergy Producers’ Association
Rita Robinson – Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

Ron Saldana - Los Angeles County Disposal Association
Greig Smith - City of Los Angeles Councilman
Coby Skye - Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Nancy Sutley - Los Angeles Deputy Mayor for Energy and the Environment

Eugene Tseng - UCLA Extension, Recycling and MSW Management Certificate Program
Charles Tupac – Southern California Air Quality Management District

Lee Wallach – The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life of Southern California
William Welch – University of California, Riverside
Jane Williams – California Communities Against Toxics

Yair Zadik - Arrow Ecology

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