February 6, 2007

PyroGenesis' BIOwaste Conversion Systems

When it comes to conversion systems some markets call for large scale solutions and other want to know how small you can go. Here are two systems that pack many features into a small footprint - small enough to fit on a ship.

PyroGenesis' Plasma Resource Recovery System (PRRS) uses a graphite arc plasma furnace to effect gasification of waste into syngas, a glass-like slag, and metal. The syngas can be used to fire boilers to generate electricity or as a fuel for combustion engines.

PyroGenesis also markets a cruise ship scaled Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS). With the US Navy requirements in mind, the PAWDS was designed to meet the following stringent criteria:
• Small system size and weight
• Ability to eliminate all combustible waste with minimal pre-treatment or segregation
• Quick start-up and shutdown (i.e. less than 10 minutes)
• Minimal labor requirements and high reliability
• Safe operation even under extreme weather conditions
• Compliance with existing and anticipated environmental regulations
• No visible plume

Plasma Resource Recovery System

Based on the expertise and experience gained in waste gasification and vitrification, PyroGenesis has developed the efficient 2 stage Plasma Resource Recovery System (PRRS) designed to uniquely treat a broad range of wastes, including industrial, hazardous and clinical wastes. Depending on the size and the composition of the waste stream, PRRS has the potential to be a net energy producer generating enough energy to not only operate the system but producing an excess which could be sold back to the grid. PRRS is scalable, fully automated and is targeted at processing between 0.5 to 100 TPD of waste (equivalent to approximately 150 to 30,000 tonnes per year). PRRS is significantly smaller when compared to similar capacity incinerators, produces no ash or dioxins and is a cost competitive alternative to conventional alternatives.

PRRS consists of four main processes: waste pre-treatment and feeding, plasma thermal treatment, synthesis gas cleaning and energy recovery.

Waste does not need to be pre-sorted and can be introduced into the PRRS graphite arc furnace in virtually any form (shredded material, sealed containers, liquids, sludges).

PRRS uses a graphite arc plasma furnace followed by a plasma-fired eductor to convert the organic fraction of waste into a soot-free synthesis gas (containing mostly carbon monoxide and hydrogen) and the inorganic fraction into a stable, inert slag which is a glass-like material that can be used as a construction material as well as a metal which can be recovered as an ingot.

The synthesis gas cleaning system is designed to remove any acid gases and capture any trace amounts of particulates or volatile heavy metals. The cleaned synthesis gas can then be used as a fuel in a boiler, an internal combustion gas engine or a gas turbine for the production of electricity, steam, and/or hot water.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea, but company under bankruptcy protection in Canada.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. His company is a perfect example of how a catchy idea can allow an unscrupulous scam artist like P.P.Pascali to separate unsuspecting investors from their hard-earned money. Stay away from this company they have been around for years finding new ways to cheat the system and their investors.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

My name is Peter Pascali. I count amongst my various responsibilities the Presidency of both PyroGenesis PLC and PyroGenesis Canada Inc. and together with my family and employees own, direct or indirectly, 99% of the technology referred to above.

I write to you today to address the two anonymous comments posted above which only recently were brought to my attention.

First and foremost, the technology referred to above, its’ IP and assets, are not subject in any manner whatsoever to any sort of bankruptcy protection in Canada nor in any other jurisdiction. This also applies to the companies housing such. The record is clear in this regard.

With respect to the slanderous comments in the second posting it saddens me to read such material which can only be characterized as slanderous at best. The writer of such nonsense would have you believe that my company is based solely on a catchy idea whose sole purpose is to separate unsuspecting investors from their hard earned money. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What is true is that we have a dedicated and talented group of engineers who have been together, developing this technology over many years and against significant odds, to demonstrate the above technology in one of the most demanding environments in the world: the marine environment – on board ships! The result is that we have 7 patents in 28 jurisdictions (The most recently awarded, and those currently pending, are considered some of the most amazing developments to date). We count amongst our best clients the US Navy and Carnival Cruise Lines who both have done business with us and continue to do business with us to this day. Our program with the US Navy has been ongoing since 1999 with the objective of installing such a system on an aircraft carrier. We are confident that we will shortly conclude a contract to do just that. All this to say that such long term relationships with such credible entities are not typically the purview of scam artists and bankrupt companies!!!

Another interesting sidebar not known to most is that in the summer of 2006 we were cleared to do a public placement on the AIM exchange in the UK. We were sponsored at the time by the oldest brokerage house in the UK renowned for managing the Royals’ money. To the uninitiated this might not seem like much, but the process required to be accepted on such a credited exchange is grueling. Suffice it to say that we passed with flying colors – to be accepted on the AIM exchange implies you have gone under the microscope which once again is not the purview of scam artistes and bankrupt companies.

So the only question that remains is why would someone post such vile comments? To that I do not have an answer. A disgruntled ex-employee? Competitors that might try in vain to make things difficult for us? In the end it does not much matter for the technology will march on as it gains acceptance amongst the giants of the world such as the US Navy and Carnival Cruise Lines

I trust that the mere fact that I identify myself in this commentary while the other commentators speak from behind the veil of anonymity has not been lost on the reader.

I leave you with one last thought regarding the technology described above: The best is yet to come!!!!


C. Scott Miller said...

To all readers -

I am not responsible for the verity of the comments posted on this site. I do, however, screen them to make sure that the comment is relevant to the topic of the posting. Many unrelated comments are screened out.

As a general rule I do not like "Anonymous" postings and I am tempted to not post them.

I appreciate the comment of Peter Pascali in defense of PyroGenesis' reputation. It is difficult for emerging technologies to be taken seriously - particularly for the first contracts. For a Canadian company to have contracts with the U.S. Navy and Carnival Cruise Lines is an impressive endorsement on its own.